Family Tree

How many times have you asked “How am I related to that person” or tried to explain how you and your ‘cousin’ are related?

Pancholi Samaj UK has cast a very wide net and to answer some of our questions, we are attempting to draw the biggest family tree for the Pancholi Samaj UK to date.

Here’s how you can help.

Every so often, we’ll be uploading small snippets of the family tree, as and when the information becomes available.  We don’t know how everyone is related and we therefore need to tap into your knowledge.

We need the following pieces of information for your family:

  • A Photo,
  • Full Name,
  • Date of Birth/ Death, and
  • Cities or Countries lived in.

If you can help us to connect the dots then it might just help us to understand our Community that little bit better.

Thank you 🙂