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Shradh Bhajan – 6 October 2012

This year’s Shradh Bhajan was held on Saturday 6th October at Stonehill High School in Birstall from 5.00 pm to midnight, in the company of Jaysukhbhai & Family from London.  This was a free event

Shiv Abishek 2012

Shiv Abishek Feedback This year’s Shiv Abishek was held on Sunday 25th March at Stonehill High School, Birstall.  This was a free event attended by around 300 people to obtain blessings. The

Shiv Abishek

Free event for the whole community to attend – donations will be appreciated! Everyone is welcome to obtain blessings at this ceremony. Venue: The Stonehill High School, Stonehill Avenue, Birstall, Leicester, LE4 4JG